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根据底特律中国人协会《章程》规定,每位理事任期3年。现需要增选5位新理事来接替即将在2014年12月底期满离任的理事,现就增选5名新理事的提名和投票表决等事宜特别通告广大会员。Read more…

Commentary: Tom Watkins: Should the World Fear Chinese Soft Power?

Auto supplier designer job

Commentary: Paul Welitzkin: Building bridges from Michigan to China

Commentary: George Weeks: Michigan a leader in states ties with China

“A driving force behind Michigan ties with China is Tom Watkins, former state superintendent for Michigan public schools and former state mental health director. A decades-long traveler to China, he consults on China economic development and education issues for business and others.”
– George Weeks

密歇根美国新移民办公室-新移民的娘家-CAGD 专访新移民办公室总裁Mr Bing Goei

Tom Watkins: Continue building bridges, not Great Walls


China, U.S. to Grant Each Other’s Citizens Longer Visas

Carol Cain: Snyder heads to China; will he bring back pandas? 

Tom Watkins: As Election Days Nears

2014 Election event in Troy

为了家居Troy的家长选民更多的了解学校的教育和管理,底特律中国人协会(CAGD)和底特律中文学校(ACSGD)将于11月1日星期六上午9:30-10:30在底特律中文学校(1300 Derby Road, Birmingham, MI 48009)举行候选人见面会。邀请Troy School Board的三名候选人与中文学校的家长见面。三位候选人是Paula Fleming, Jen Hilzinger, 和 Nancy Philippart。 欢迎大家参加并向候选人提出自己关心的关于学校教育的各种问题。也可以了解候选人对Troy学校管理的设想和理念。请大家积极参加于11月4日举行的中期选举。



If interested, please contact 芝加哥总领馆科技组雷红梅领事<>




CAGD与底特律的世界事务理事会共同主办纪念中美建交35周年论坛  (Photo)

群星荟萃, 阵容空前 2014年金秋庆典联欢晚会圆满落幕

Tom Watkins: Is The World Big Enough For the United States and China?

Tom Watkins: Will Asia Rule The 21st Century?

Tom Watkins: 中国日益扩大在密歇根的影响力 China’s Growing Role in Michigan  | Chinese in Michigan





第二十六条 协会行政官员均由理事担任,其任期为一年。行政官员可连选连任。全部任期,包括连任,不得超过三年。

Tom Watkins: China Focus

Tom Watkins: A Heavy Feeling: China is Gaining on America 


底特律中国人协会于2014年9月12日晚在Troy 的Somerset Inn为中国重庆长安汽车,四川建安车桥,湖南江滨活塞,湖南天雁机械,哈尔滨东安汽车发动机制造等九公司成功地举办了诚聘优秀人才的晚餐招聘会。招聘会由底特律中国工程师协会DCEA,北美华人汽车工程师协会 NACSAE,北美华人汽车工程师协会NACSAE鼎力协办。 Read more….


天高气爽的八月九日,是个再好不过的周末户外活动的好日子,可是TROY 社区活动中心 却座无虚席,底特律中国人协会(CAGD),底特律中文学校 (ACSGD)在连续十一年成功地主办了密西根大学论坛的基础上,成功举办了二零一四年密西根大学论坛。Read more…

Tom Watkins: China-US Relations: Rhetoric Or Reality?


大底特律区中国人协会(以下简称CAGD)年会将于2014年7月19日晚假Suburban Collection Showplace如期举行 (Suburban 地址46100 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48374 (248) 348-5600)

CAGD2014年会,再一次受到本地区政界,商界,中国领馆及华人社区的高度关注。届时,应邀出席的政界嘉宾有各郡郡长及高级官员。商界嘉宾则云集了为CAGD提供赞助的各大公司的高级主管。更为值得一提的是, 活跃在大底特律区中国各华人社团都将有代表参加。

来自密西根第11选区的美国众议员Kerry Bentivolio将在年会上做嘉宾演讲。还有各个郡的官员和来自中国的嘉宾演讲。

按照惯例,协会将颁发社区服务奖,以鼓励为社区作出贡献的人员。今年的社区服务奖牌由各个中文学校和协会活动中心提名。共有14名人士。他们是 安华中文学校和安华中心的吴哲,何蕴毅,何成英, 江江;西部中心的吴江,姜旸;新世纪中文学校的苗欣然, 莫超庆;底特律中文学校的宗林,张东晖;北部中心的李云强,王慧萍 ;以及坎通中文学校的柏家敏,黄和平。



底特律中国人协会理事会于6月21日在Northvill Library 举行会议, 选举出以朱国齐博士 为主席,赵力,吴刚,沈戈为副主席的2014年理事会(详见下),并决定在7月19日召开底特律中国人协会年会。理事们对过去一年多中由王丽莎主席领导的上届理事会所付出的辛勤劳动和奉献,以及取得的丰硕成果表示由衷的感谢和祝贺, 同时表决通过聘任王丽莎为2014年协会名誉主席。继续负责对外联络和赞助等事宜。Read more…



The China Connection– Building Bridges for a Lifetime


一个支持移民的州长:如何增加就业和投资  A Pro-Immigration Governor: Ideas to Grow Jobs And Investment


Passport Pick Up for Visa Service completed


Asian Tradition Meets World Fusion with the Orchid Ensemble

Tom Watkins: China Goes Soft

底特律中国人协会主办2014中国新年庆祝活动圆满结束 Photos…

 人民网 王丽颖:中国,底特律“救市主”?

Tom Watkins: A Pro-Immigration Governor: Ideas to Grow Jobs And Investment

Tom Watkins: Ideas to grow jobs and investment in Michigan – Opinion – Press and Guide

Tom Watkins: Rumble In East China Sea?

Tom Watkins: How China could help Michigan turn things around

Tom Watkins: Michigan is China’s rising star

Tom Watkins: U.S. Becoming A Chinese Investment Magnet

Tom Watkins: China — PRC Turns 64

Wesley Pytlowany: Opening the Door

In Loving Memory of Eugene(Yijun) Tu

We are very sorry to inform you that our best friend and co-worker Eugene(Yijun) Tu, age 48, passed away on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at Crittenton Hospital. He went to the hospital on Thursday to check abdominal pain, but he suddenly left all of us at 5:00am on  . . . → Read More: In Loving Memory of Eugene(Yijun) Tu

 Gov Snyder “Gets” China and it is Paying Off for Michigan!

Recently back from his trip to China, Governor Snyder understands that China’s rise need not require Michigan’s demise. He is building the necessary relationships (e.g. “guanxi”) that will help grow jobs and investment in “Pure Michigan.” Our governor is investing his time and effort because he understands that there is no such thing as a “one night [business] stand” in China.  Read more… By Tom Watkins.

China expert analyzes Snyder’s foreign investment mission

According to Governor Rick Snyder’s office, in 2012 Michigan companies exported 22 percent more goods and materials to China than during the previous year.  Chinese foreign investment reached $1 billion. Read more

Pure Michigan hopes to lure Chinese visitors, the world’s largest tourism spenders

The Chinese spend more on international tourism than any other country, and Michigan hopes to cash in on their growing appetite for travel. Read more

China-US Focus News

China-US Focus is built on the principle that China and the United States hold the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century. China-US Focus also provides comprehensive resources on current and historical facts and information related to the bilateral relationship. Read more

COLUMN — To Feel Shame is to Approach Courage

“We should persist in taking on two tasks: one is to carry out reform and opening up, the other is to clamp down on various criminal activities. And we must attach equal importance to both.” Read more… By Tom Watkins

COLUMN — The Chinese are coming to Michigan, and we should welcome them

The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! Coming to the Motor City and to the state that put the world on wheels.

This is good news for our community pummeled by the hollowing out of America’s domestic manufacturing and a city struggling to make a come back.

Read more… By Tom Watkins

China stumbles? Let’s hope not

This week the fifth meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) is being held in Washington, D.C.

These high level talks between the U.S. and China focus on addressing the challenges and opportunities that both countries face on a wide range of bilateral, regional and global areas of immediate and long-term economic and strategic interest.

Read more…  By Tom Watkins

Guangbin Yang Obituary

Dr. Yang, Guangbin, age 48, passed away on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. Visitation will be held at 9.30am on Saturday (06/22), Memorial service will be at 10.30am at McCabe Funeral Home, 851 North Canton Center Rd., Canton, MI. See more information…

Ties grow stronger between China, Michigan

The economic bridge between China and Michigan grows stronger by the day as businesses of all sizes on both sides of the ocean are benefiting.

That’s music to Michigan Economic Development Corp. President and CEO Michael Finney and China’s Midwest Consul General Zhao Weiping‘s ears. Read more

Understanding China’s investments in Michigan

In his column appearing in Dome Magazine, Michigan-based China expert Tom Watkins argues that China has noticeably stepped up investment in Michigan. Watkins joins Current State to discuss how Chinese business and governmental leaders see opportunities to grow by linking with Michigan enterprises.  Read more

China’s Growing Role in Michigan

The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! Coming to the Motor City—Detroit—as well as the rest of the state that put the world on wheels.

This is good news for the automotive community that has been repeatedly pummeled by the hollowing out of American domestic manufacturing. The biggest always fall first—and hardest—during any recession. After housing and construction, the auto industry followed leading the nation into massive unemployment during the economic decline of 2008. Read more…  By Tom Watkins.

The Chinese are coming; let’s welcome them

The Chinese are coming! The Chinese are coming! Coming to the Motor City and to the state that put the world on wheels.

This is good news for an automotive community periodically pummeled by the hollowing out of America’s domestic manufacturing. The biggest always fall first and hardest during any recession. After housing and construction, the auto industry followed, leading the nation into massive unemployment during the 2008 economic decline. Read more… By Tom Watkins


Thanks to the volunteers and sponsors that made this year’s soup kitchen possible. Read more

Host Families Needed for 2013-2014 School Year

NextGen is an international student exchange program that is co-operated by Oakland Schools and the Center for Management Training, a Michigan non-profit organization dedicated to improving relations between China and the US through education. The NextGen Exchange Program is seeking host families around Novi, Troy, West Bloomfield and Berkley. Read more

The Chinese have arrived In Michigan

The Who’s-Who of Michigan’s top business professionals, government leaders, corporate CEOs, entrepreneurs and veteran regional champions gathered last week on Mackinac Island for the annual Detroit Regional Chamber- Mackinac Policy Conference – they ought to be looking over their shoulders.

What happens in China. . . does not stay in China. Global happenings impact us right here in Pure Michigan. Read more… By Tom Watkins

Building World-Class Educational Bridges With China: Why It Matters

A true game changer took place recently with a bang that was reminiscent of Napoleon’s famous quote, “Let China sleep, for when she wakes she will shake the world.”  Read more… By Tom Watkins.

OPINION: U.S. relationship with China could prove most important of 21st century

As the Who’s-Who of Michigan’s top business professionals, government leaders, corporate CEO’s, entrepreneurs and veteran regional champions gather this week on Mackinac Island for the annual Detroit Regional Chamber- Mackinac Policy Conference – they ought to be looking over their shoulders.

What happens in China, does not stay in China. Global happenings impact us right here in “Pure Michigan.” Read more… By Tom Watkins.

US/China economic relations in the next 10 years

US-China 2022: Economic Relations in the Next 10 Years” is a groundbreaking study on the state of the US-China economic relationship over the past three decades, and projections for cooperation through 2022. Sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation, the study seeks to identify potential economic benefits both countries may achieve in the next decade.  Read more

English for Heritage Language Speakers Program

English for Heritage Language Speakers Program, an adult scholarship program for native speakers of Mandarin Chinese who are interested in working for the U.S. federal government, which offers advanced English and career classes to help prepare them for these opportunities. The program takes place at Georgetown University and lasts for 8 months. See more


- –AIAG亚太区总监陈以龙解读真正的底特律汽车城 风传“一元屋“ ”一双鞋能在底特律换两套房“,国内网上已有人开始组织“抄底团”前去看房。底特律,这个举世闻名的世界汽车之都,曾经的美国第四大城市,最近却以破产、衰败甚至“鬼城”的形象频频见诸各种媒体报端,吸引了众多注意力。在众多国人眼里,城中心房子尚且如此,遑论郊区?一时间,人们不竟有这样的疑问:底特律到底怎么了?Read more

Foreign language has support

Hartland High School teacher Pam Iden said the state’s two-credit foreign language requirement is better preparing students for the modern work force and opening their eyes to cultures and ideas outside their community.

A proposal in Lansing would end Michigan’s foreign language requirement, however, in hopes of giving students who are not heading to college more vocational options at school.

Read more

Growing Ties Between Michigan And China

As China leapfrogs over Germany for third place among countries where Michigan products are exported to, the effort to build two-way bridges between the huge Asian nation and the Great Lakes State continues to flourish. Michigan exported $3.2 billion worth of goods and services to China in 2012, a 25 percent increase from 2011.  . . . → Read More:  Growing Ties Between Michigan And China

America Can Help China Clean-up Its Environmen

It’s hard to utter the word, “sustainability” or “environmental stewardship” without followed by “China”. With 1.3 billion people (one-fifth of the planet’s population), most building projects are done on a grand scale–everything from skyscrapers to factories and bullet trains, sea and airports. Considering China as one big construction site, it has often been said  . . . → Read More:  America Can Help China Clean-up Its Environment

ChinaDaily: Michigan visitors see lessons in China’s schools

The seven-member delegation of educators and education-policy makers visited Beijing, Xi’an and Jilin from March 22 to 30 to meet with officials at various levels of government. They discussed the prospect of partnerships between US and Chinese schools and possible establishment of a jointly administered international school in Xi’an. Read more…  By Yu Wei in San Francisco (China Daily)

paparazzi: Consul General of the People’s Republic of China visits Michigan business and governmental leaders

Chinese Consul General Zhao Wei-Ping, newly appointed to his post, was invited to Michigan by Chinese Association of Greater Detroit president Lisa Gray of Northville to meet with business and governmental leaders. Read more


3/30日由底特律中国人协(CAGD)与坎通市联合在在坎通樱山剧场(Canton Cherry Hill Theater)成功举办了首届孔子文化节晚会,以纪念孔子2564年诞辰。孔子的思想博大精深,不仅对中国社会历史发展具有广泛而深远的影响,对世界文明进步亦产生了重要影响,是宝贵的世界人类文化遗产。 Read more…

Commentary: Michigan rides the Chinese tsunami

Sipping my morning coffee, I am trying to shake off jet-lag after returning from China – a place I have traveled to, off and on, for over a quarter of a century. I still marvel at the enormity of all there is to absorb each time I travel there – a constantly exploding land of change and complexity.

But I am equally frightened that most Americans are dangerously uninformed when it comes to China –home to one-fifth of all humanity – and the second-largest world economy that may soon surpass our own.

Read more… By Tom Watkins.


底特律中国人协会于3月3日在位于Novi的喜来登饭店举办午宴,欢迎中国驻芝加哥总领事赵卫平到任。出席午宴的除了本地各个社会团体的侨领,还有底特律地区和密西根政府和企业人士。陪同出席的还有中国总领馆张庆新领事、戴可领事和吴胜男副领事。Read more…

Commentary: What America could learn from China

China, the world’s oldest continuous civilization, the most populous nation on Earth, with an economy which has grown at an average of nearly ten percent a year for three decades, is on a roll by any measure.
As we begin the Chinese year of the snake and as the 21st century unfolds, China continues to seek to reclaim its “Mandate from Heaven.” Read more… By Tom Watkins

Commentary: Year of the Snake

On March 2, the Detroit Chinese Business Association hosts its annual Chinese New Year Celebration. Most Michiganders welcomed the New Year several weeks ago, but the tradition of our Chinese friends and neighbors celebrating their new year began on Feb. 10th. Read more…  By Tom Watkins

Commentary: China’s Precious “Exports” Flood The World

“When our thousands of Chinese students abroad return home, you will see how China will transform itself.” — Deng Xiaoping

China is exporting more than cheap “stuff” to America. Increasingly, the Chinese are sending us their most prized possession: their children.

According to a study by the Institute for International Education, China has become the largest source of foreign students in U.S. universities.
Read more... Tom Watkins

重庆杂技艺术团巡演底特律圆满结束 Photos…

Commentary: A Place in Our Future

Once upon a time, what happened in China stayed in China, having little impact on America. Those days are gone. Forever.

Now what happens in China plays out on the world stage. We will continue to feel the ripple effects of the tsunami wave of China change. Change that will continue to wash upon our shores well into the 21st century. How we adapt to and help lead the change will define America’s destiny.

What transpired in China over its 5,000 year history is mind-boggling enough to historians. But to everyday people, the last thirty years have been both remarkable and universally acknowledged.

Read more… By Tom Watkins

Commentary: Maturing Together: Growing Up With China

What has transpired in China over its 5,000-year history is mind boggling. The last thirty years have been both remarkable and universally acknowledged.

There once was a time when what happened in China had minimal impact on our lives in America. Those days are gone. Now what happens in China no longer just stays in China. We will continue to feel the ripple effects of the China tsunami wave of change that will continue to wash upon our shores as the 21st century unfolds. How we adapt to and lead these changes will help define our destiny.  Read more…   By Tom Watkins

Learn Chinese!

Could Governor Snyder follow Brooks Patterson’s lead and call for the teaching of Chinese in all Michigan schools? Governor Snyder could catapult Michigan forward in his State of the State (SOS) address by calling for the teaching of Chinese history, culture and language in all of our schools. The reinvention of Michigan may well require that students learn Chinese and much more about China, the “Middle Kingdom.”

Radical? Absolutely. Yet this initiative would help place Michigan on the global map, making our state an economic magnet for Chinese direct investment to prepare our children for the hyper-competitive, disruptive, transformational, knowledge-based economy where ideas and jobs now move effortlessly across the globe.   Read more…   — Tom Watkins.

As China’s Influence Grows, So Does the Need for Greater Understanding

As China continues to play a more prominent role in the international community, businesses must adapt to changes in an increasingly connected, globalized world. To do so, a greater understanding of China’s history, culture and language are necessary. Read more… — Tom Watkins

Lin Yu fund donation receipts mailed out

Thank you all who donated to Lin Yu fund to help Lin’s family during their most difficult time. The donation receipts have been mailed recently. Should you have any questions, please contact Min Fu at

清纯密西根的空间 优酷视频空间-聊聊影视,聊聊明星!See Michigan on Chinese YouTube

Michigan as seen on Youku

Watkins commentary: A new term for Obama, a new president for China

Now that we’ve elected our president, international attention turns to the China where Communist Party leaders met today to solidify their selection of a new president

Ever since the American Empress of China ship set sail for China’s shores in 1784, the United States and China have remained connected. Since the very beginning, our trade policies have produced both benefits and strains to that relationship.  Read more at Detroit Free Press.

We elect China selects. “She”/Xi is China’s new president. Who is She/Xi?

Contrast between China and our selection of a new president  ///America Elects — China Selects  …. who is she?

America Elects — China Selects

…. who is she?

Who will be the next leader of China?

“She.” Vice President Xi (pronounced “shee”) Jinping is expected to replace current President Hu (pronounced “who”) Jintao as China’s next “selected” President when Communist Party leaders gather two days after we vote to to elect our leader.
Why should we care? Because going forward ALL major issues impacting the world will intersect at the corner of Beijing and Washington, DC.

Read more at Education News…

Monday night is the third and final presidential debate. It will focus on foreign affairs. The next president must ask if we can afford to continue to be the police officer of the world? We are withdrawing from one war in Iraq and in a mess in Afghanistan. Both have drained our treasury and with questionable benefit. .. By Tom Watkins Read more at DetroitNews

Worth reading: An Adult Conversation On China

Governor Romney and President Obama owe the American people a better explanation of what their China policy will be moving forward and how it will help create opportunities and jobs here at home …  Tom Watkins