In Loving Memory of Eugene(Yijun) Tu

Eugene(Yijun) Tu   (1965-2013)

We are very sorry to inform you that our best friend and co-worker Eugene(Yijun) Tu, age 48, passed away on Sunday, September 22, 2013 at Crittenton Hospital. He went to the hospital on Thursday to check abdominal pain, but he suddenly left all of us at 5:00am on Sunday morning. He was the manager in Technical Cost Reduction department at Chrysler. The news was a huge shock to his friends as he was just with us at the Chrysler Mid-autumn lunch gathering last Wednesday. He left behind with two little children, ages of 5 and 8 and a non-working wife.

Visitation:    September 27 of 2013, Friday 2:00pm – 9:00pm

Funeral:      September 28 of 2013, Saturday 10:00am

Location:     Gramer Funeral Home, 705N Main Street, Clawson, MI 48017

Family acknowledgement lunch will be arranged after funeral service

A memorial fund has been established in the name of Eugene Tu.

The fund will be used to support Eugene’s Children education.

Donation Check Payable to:

CAGD Charity

(Please make sure to write “Yijun Tu Memorial Fund” on the check)

Mail the check to:

CAGD Charity

P. O. Box 1343, Troy, MI 48099

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凃宜军 (1965-2013)
凃宜军  于2013年9月22早晨5时在Crittenton Hospital, Rochester Hills, MI意外去世. 终年48岁.

凃宜军1965年8月生于江西铜鼓县. 他与妻子杨丽明结婚21年, 儿子8岁, 女儿5岁.  他 16岁考入沈阳东北大学. 1985年获得机械工程学士学位. 1988年获得固体力学硕士学位. 毕业后在东北大学出版社担任编辑和部门经理. 1996年他携妻子移民到加拿大多伦多. 1999年他获得多伦多大学应用科学硕士学位. 2000年他受雇于克莱斯勒汽车公司. 先后在前轮驱动平台组, 吉普卡车工程部, 全球电子工程部和卡车线束及连接件组任工程师. 2005年他获得克莱斯勒技术二等奖.  逝世前他担任工程成本降低组主管. 他工作认真尽责, 为降低公司的工程成本做出了突出贡献.

宜军是个充满 爱心的 好丈夫, 好父亲. 他为人热情诚恳, 广受同事和朋友尊敬. 他热心社区服务, 积极支持Roeper School 棋队的训练 并担任该校中文老师.


瞻仰遗容:  2013年 9月 27 日, 周五   2:00 pm – 9:00 pm

葬礼:          2013年 9月 28日, 周六  10:00 am

殡仪馆地址:     Gramer Funeral Home, 705N Main Street, Clawson, MI 48017



CAGD Charity

Memo: Yijun Tu Memorial Fund


CAGD Charity
P. O. Box 1343, Troy, MI 48099
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