Detroit Nationwide March for Officer Peter Liang

On February 20th 2016, a few hundred Chinese Americans gathered at Washtenaw County Trial Court and the vicinity area, to protest the injustice suffered by NYPD police officer Peter Liang. It’s a nation wide coordinated event. Locally organized by a few concerned citizens. A local photo enthusiast  ”john (佳凡)” captured the event with his camera and posted an article at a National response is summarized by NAPA微刊编辑组 NAPhotography with the title 2·20 感动的时刻!【全美华人 将改写在美国的历史新篇章!】 1975947157 2016534016x GuangTian2 GuangTian1

 Photo by GuanTian Song, MingHui Yao, JunXiong Ye, John Xu, Viki, 彭楓 etc. Written and edited by Zhe Kong.