Chinese Association of Greater Detroit Participated in Blue Cross Blue Shield 2011 Diversity Expo

Chinese Association of Greater Detroit Participated in Blue Cross Blue Shield 2011 Diversity Expo

“Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.”
Ola Joseph. This was the theme throughout the day of the Diversity Expo held May 25, 2011 at BCBS
(Blue Cross Blue Shield) Detroit campus. Third since its successful depute two some years ago, this
year’s Expo has drawn vendors near and far, covering many aspects of the community. CAGD (the
Chinese Association of Greater Detroit) was among those who participated in the Expo and I was
fortunate enough to represent CAGD for the event.

On the day of the Expo, the rain was hard
and heavy. Carrying eight poster boards and
eight metal pedestals, I took Lodge 10 down
from my Southfield office. It took well over an
hour to reach BCBS Detroit campus for a twenty-
five minute trip. Greeted by helpful volunteers,
while “loaded”, I was able to quickly set up the
posters in the assigned exhibition hall and even
found time to chat with the fellow vendors,
among which were staffing firms, gift shops, IT
firms, senior service agencies and regional

The Expo was scheduled for an hour and half,
from eleven-thirty to one o’clock, during BCBS
employees’ lunch time. Tables with buffet style
entries were set up outside of the exhibition hall.
Vendors were each kindly provided with a light
box lunch and soda drinks with fresh ice cubes. At
around eleven-twenty five, music rose up and
shortly thereafter, people started to walk in.
Among the visitors were the tall and short, the
light and dark, and the old and young. The crowd
formed a neat line and slowly marching from one
end of the hall to another. Questions were asked,
laughs were heard, and air was filled with warmth
all around the corners …

As for CAGD, the posters were a clear focal point of the exhibition hall and presented
an instant sensation to the employee-visitors. One gentleman, in his mid-fifties and
appeared with brown complexion and silver grey hair, stood next to one of the poster
boards and commented “I am reading this … a lot of information … a lot of good
information that I did not know before.” A lady, with her one hand holding a pasta cup,
stood next to the CAGD table, and asked “Oh, I did not know Chinese people are practicing
Christianity now … Really?” “Diversity with a different angle,” the lady walked away with a
On my way back, I smiled. These were the hours spent on a very worthy cause, I

By: Dr. Junqi Hang
CAGD 2011 Board