CAGD provides Chinese Visa Services in Livonia, MI on 3/17/2018

为了更好地服务社区,应协会会员的要求,底特律中国人协会决定在2018年3月17日 ( 星期六 ) 代为办理中国签证:

2018年3月17日( 星期六 )上午9点 到 下午4点在32940 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150办理签证请使用以下链接事先预约:   



收费标准 :

  1. 办签证领馆收费 :  美国护照$140。加拿大护照$80。其他第三国护照$30-$90。
  2. 底特律中国人协会将按下述标准收取服务费:会员每份申请收服务费 $30,非会员每份申请收服务费 $40。非会员可当时参加底特律中国人协会 ( CAGD ) ($20/family一次性收费),并享受会员的价格。
  3. 办中国签证的费用和CAGD收取的服务费均可用现金,个人支票,或现金支票(Money order or Cashier’s Check),支票抬头请写: CAGD 。

取件 :

底特律中国人协会 (CAGD) 一贯致力于高效地为大家服务,签证一周取件。请于3月24日5PM - 7PM在交件地点 ( 32940 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150 ) 取件。

CAGD Chinese Visa Services in Livonia, MI, on 3/17/2018

a) Time :                   9AM - 4PM ,  Saturday, 3/17/2018

    Location :             32940 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150

(b)  Application Instruction: For details please visit (Chinese) or (English).

Please read and follow the instruction carefully to avoid delaying or being declined.

 (c)  Please download the application form at
Also, per Consulate Notice that from 1/1/2014 only typed and printed forms will be accepted. No hand written forms will be accepted. Also please pay attention to the new requirement for Invitation Letters.



(d)  Visa Fee:

Effective January 15, 2010, the Chinese visa fees for U.S. citizens will be adjusted on reciprocal basis to be USD140 for individual visa.

(e)  Service Fee:

$40 for each application for a ten-year multiple entry visa for Non-members of CAGD.

Member of CAGD will have a $10 discount. Payment can be made by cash, Personal check, and Money Order or Cashier’s check. Please make check payable to CAGD.

(f)  You will need to make an appointment for visa service, please use the link below

    Visa Services in Livonia, MI, on Saturday, 3/17/2018 :

(g)  Pick-up Date:

Target date :         March 24th, 2017 at 5PM - 7PM at 32940 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia, MI 48150, the same place you submitted your passport and application.

Please stay tuned to announcement on . No express visa service.