OPINION: U.S. relationship with China could prove most important of 21st century

As the Who's-Who of Michigan's top business professionals, government leaders, corporate CEO's, entrepreneurs and veteran regional champions gather this week on Mackinac Island for the annual Detroit Regional Chamber- Mackinac Policy Conference - they ought to be looking over their shoulders.


US/China economic relations in the next 10 years

US-China 2022: Economic Relations in the Next 10 Years" is a groundbreaking study on the state of the US-China economic relationship over the past three decades, and projections for cooperation through 2022. Sponsored by the China-United States Exchange Foundation, the study seeks to identify potential economic benefits both countries may achieve in the next decade.  Read more...


English for Heritage Language Speakers Program

English for Heritage Language Speakers Program, an adult scholarship program for native speakers of Mandarin Chinese who are interested in working for the U.S. federal government, which offers advanced English and career classes to help prepare them for these opportunities. The program takes place at Georgetown University and lasts for 8 months. Tuition is covered by a complete scholarship paid for by the U.S. government.



- --AIAG亚太区总监陈以龙解读真正的底特律汽车城

风传“一元屋“ ”一双鞋能在底特律换两套房“,国内网上已有人开始组织“抄底团”前去看房。底特律,这个举世闻名的世界汽车之都,曾经的美国第四大城市,最近却以破产、衰败甚至“鬼城”的形象频频见诸各种媒体报端,吸引了众多注意力。在众多国人眼里,城中心房子尚且如此,遑论郊区?一时间,人们不竟有这样的疑问:底特律到底怎么了?


作为一名在底特律工作生活了20多年、近几年更是频繁来往中美的汽车业资深人士,美国汽车工业行动集团(AIAG)亚太区总监陈以龙博士对于底特律的现状非常有发言权。接受记者采访前,他刚从美国回来,谈及中国媒体最近对于底特律衰败的新闻报道,陈以龙说,底特律老城下城区(DETROIT DOWNTOWN)衰败并非是新闻,60年代发生种族骚乱后,白人有钱人就已纷纷搬离老城区、迁入郊区。我1984年加入通用汽车在底特律郊区华伦城(WARREN CITY)的研发中心时,下城区就已是这般景象,从没听说有人抄底发财过。只不过由于目前国内房价高企,而底特律在此时又被抛出如此“诱人”的房价,因而在中国某些人眼中,顺理成章地把旧闻当作了新闻来炒作。



慈善義舉,功德無量!一年一度的「華人慈善晚餐」(Chinese Soup Kitchen) 又要舉辦了。過去十六年來,「華人慈善晚餐」為底特律市中心附近的貧困人士提供慈善服務﹐是底特律地區的華人以實際行動向社會表明華人的博愛之心,出錢出力積极參与社區建設。该活動受到主流社會﹐包括美國參議員Debbie Stabenow﹐ 等人的高度讚揚﹐在大底特律地區發揮了越來越大的影響,是所有當地華人的光榮。


今年的第十七屆華人慈善晚餐將于6月2日,周日下午4點至6點在 Detroit Rescue Center舉行。地址:3535 Third Ave,Detroit, MI 48201。



Foreign language has support

Hartland High School teacher Pam Iden said the state's two-credit foreign language requirement is better preparing students for the modern work force and opening their eyes to cultures and ideas outside their community.

A proposal in Lansing would end Michigan's foreign language requirement, however, in hopes of giving students who are not heading to college more vocational options at school.



Jiangling Motor Company Senior Engineering Positions

1. Power Transmission Expert 1 Page 2
2. EESE Expert 1 Page 2
3. NVH CAE Expert 1 Page 2
4. Vehicle Attribute Integration Expert 1 Page 3
5. CAE Senior Engineer(Construction and Dynamic) 1 Page 3
6. Calibration Expert 1 Page 4
7. Gasoline Timing System Design Lead Engineer 1 Page 4
Li Yan (李妍) | email: yli23@jmc.com.cn | office: +86-791-8526 7683
Kevin Dai |email: kdai@ford.com |office: +86-791-8526 7019
The information about Jingling Motor Company (JMC) can be found at the website below.


Growing Ties Between Michigan And China

As China leapfrogs over Germany for third place among countries where Michigan products are exported to, the effort to build two-way bridges between the huge Asian nation and the Great Lakes State continues to flourish.

Michigan exported $3.2 billion worth of goods and services to China in 2012, a 25 percent increase from 2011. (Only Canada and Mexico ranked higher). In addition, Michigan is one of the top 10 states for direct investment from China with over $917 million in capital dollars coming this way in 2012 making it one of the Top 10 states in the nation.


America Can Help China Clean-up Its Environment

It’s hard to utter the word, “sustainability” or “environmental stewardship” without followed by “China”.

With 1.3 billion people (one-fifth of the planet’s population), most building projects are done on a grand scale–everything from skyscrapers to factories and bullet trains, sea and airports.

Considering China as one big construction site, it has often been said that the Chinese national bird is the building crane!



2013年,底特律中国人协会将有6位理事离退,根据协会章程,从2013年3月4日起中国人协会开始接受候选人提名,到2013年4月21日止,由一位会员提名,二位以上会员支持,确定理事候选人正式参加投票。理事候选人的提名推荐请发邮件到 nominateboard@cagd-us.org. Read more...    — 2013底特律中国人协会CAGD理事会选举委员会



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