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首届“快乐家园”青少年儿童百米长卷现场绘画 大赛(大底特律中国人协会CAGD和其他华人组织合办)

为了弘扬中美文化艺术; 激发孩子对绘画热爱; 提高底特律地区青少年儿童综合素质和社会实践能力。 本届大赛现场设在久誉盛名的底特律车城福特艺术大 剧院举行。用灵感记录精彩瞬间,用激情展现绘画风 采, 孩子们用你们的画笔行动起来吧!

现场绘画比赛以及颁奖地点: 福特艺术大剧院举行 Ford community and performing arts center, 15801 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126
现场绘画比赛时间: 2017年11月5日下午1:00-2:30 pm (周日)
现场颁奖时间: 2017年11月5日下午3:00-5:00 pm (周日) 所有参赛者将在舞台上展示自己作品并领取奖品。

参赛对象: 5-18岁儿童青少年均可报名参赛,本次比赛分幼儿组 ,小学组,初中组以及高中组总人数限100名,超过人数不再接受报名( 参赛人员均可获得一张免费“魅 力中国”中美文化艺术节的门票)

报名方式: $5参赛费(参赛者均可获得一张免费当天福特大剧院中美文化艺术节的门票,以便领奖)。鉴于安全考虑,每位选手必须有一位成年监护人陪同到场参赛。成年监护人需要另外买票入场。
报名联系方式: 请首先将参赛选手的报名信息在本网页填写,然后会自动收到一个包含注册号的邮件确认;根据邮件指示去附近的中文学校交付$5报名费。另外打印和填写参赛选手报名表格(点击链接link下载表格);届时把报名表交到现场绘画比赛。

作 品 要 求 : 围绕主题,内容健康,积极向上;题材 不限自由创作,在规定时间内完成。

注意事项: 1)组委会提供比赛纸张24*28
2)绘画创作时所提供的比赛纸张背后均有详细注明参赛 者信息届时请核对信息



The 1st “Happy Home” 100-Meter Scroll Art Competition

Date: Sunday, November 5th, 2017 Competition Time: 1:00am to 2:30noon
Award ceremony: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Venue: Ford Community and Performing Arts Center
Goals: To carry on and develop Chinese culture, to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of arts in children, and to improve youth’s social practice capability.

Participants: The Live Art Competition is open to students from kindergarten to grade twelve in 4 categories:
Division 1: Grade K to Grade 3
Division 2: Grade 4 to Grade 6
Division 3: Grade 7 to Grade 9
Division 4: Grade 10 to Grade 12 

How it works:
1) Registration charge is $5.  Application deadline is Oct 25.  There is limited registration available on a first come first serve basis (Total 100 participants).
2) Each contestant will get a free ticket of "Magnificent China" US-China Cultural and Art Festival show on the day after competition.
3) All contestants will present their work on the stage to receive prizes.
4) Every contestant must have an adult companion to join the show for safety reason.  A seperate admission ticket is requried for an adult companion.
Theme: Happy Home
1) Topic will be determined on site. The artwork must be healthy, positive and uplifting.
2) Only painting and drawing are allowed.
1) Drawing sheets will be provided at the venue.
2) Participants should bring any other needed painting tools and art supply and materials.
3) The major information should be marked on the back of your piece, check before contest.
4) All competitors must arrive contest venue before 12:30pm to get ready.
5) The competition venue will be closed after 12:30pm.
Registration procedure:
1) Complete the online form below.  Click the link to download the form, print and fill our the form.
2) Once receiving a confirmation email with registration ID, please go to your local Chinese school to pay $5 registration fee.
3) Please bring a hard copy of your registration form along with your ID number to the competition venue for verification.

Contact: 248-430-5855
Chinese Association of Greater Detroit
North American Chinese Coalition
Dragon Eagle TV
American Chinese Association for Culture and Exchange
North America Culture Exchange