Chinese Association of Greater Peoria


Formed in 1879, the China Association has been fostering British cultural and business relations with China, Hong Kong, Japan and other Asian countries. They also lobbied the British Government and Chinese authorities on behalf of British businesses.

In the Cold War, most of these ethnic Chinese associations shifted their primary focus from philanthropic activities to more direct service to the community. Many survived the war and managed to avoid the fate of their wartime predecessors: becoming entangled in state political disputes.


The Chinese Association of Greater Peoria is a non-profit, member-focused organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating Chinese culture in the Greater Peoria area. Its membership consists of individuals from all backgrounds and interests.

The CCBA, one of the oldest community organizations in America, has represented and served the needs of Chinese Americans in the United States since its establishment in 1883. Throughout its history, the CCBA has performed a quasi-governmental role and helped many residents of Chinatown reach their goal of becoming business owners by both providing financial assistance and training.

Currently with 35 members, the CCBA serves as the umbrella organization for the Chinese communities of New England. Originally located on Oxford Street, it moved to its current address at 90 Tyler Street in the 1980s. It also manages Tai Tung Village and Waterford Place, apartment complexes that provide much-needed affordable housing to the Chinese community. It partners with Chinatown Main Street and other organizations to coordinate activities and promote economic growth in Chinatown.


The CHINESE ASSOCIATION produces a number of publications that promote the study of Chinese culture and history. The organization is also involved in a variety of events that promote cultural exchange among the Chinese community and the general public.

The CCBA is one of the oldest organizations in Manhattan’s Chinatown. It is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of Chinese and Asian-Americans.

In addition to providing social services, CCBA also supports educational programs for young people and families. It also holds regular meetings to discuss issues affecting the Chinese community.

The International Publishing House for China’s Culture publishes books and audiovisuals on a wide range of topics including art, music, literature, history, business, environment, energy, science and technology. The organization donates a significant amount of its products to the Library of Congress and state and county libraries.


Throughout the year, CHINESE ASSOCIATION organizes a number of events and activities for Chinese communities around the country. These include cultural celebrations, fundraisers and community outreach.

The Peoria Chinese Association is a member-centric organization that welcomes all individuals who are interested in celebrating and learning about Chinese culture. The organization coordinates major Chinese cultural events and fosters understanding and friendship among its members.

For example, a recent joint event between the Peoria Chinese Association and the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group included cultural activities, a demonstration of Caterpillar’s equipment, a visit from a local Chinatown and INGINTE Peoria.

In addition to these cultural events, CHINESE ASSOCIATION also promotes professional development opportunities for members. This includes an annual career fair and an international exchange program. The Association also has a volunteer service program for members. These volunteer activities allow members to give back to the community and meet new people. Moreover, the Association provides a forum for members to participate in important government and social processes.


The CHINESE ASSOCIATION provides a variety of services to the community, including cultural activities, community service projects and education. In addition, the Association supports social welfare institutions.

Throughout its history, the CCBA has been a vital part of Chinatown. Its members have worked to address different issues facing the city and the Chinese-American community, such as crime and immigration.

Volunteers have also helped provide support for Chinese students at Purdue University. This is done through a program called PUCSSA.

The Peoria Chinese Association has been in existence since 1965, and is comprised of over 1,200 members. It offers a variety of activities for people of all ages, and promotes friendship among the Chinese community.

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