Chinese Association of Iowa


The China Association was founded in London on 11 April 1889. The Association was proposed at an inaugural dinner on 4 March 1889 at the Thatched House Club. The Association was formally constituted on 11 April 1889, with Sir Alfred Dent as its first chairman. The China Association held its first Annual Dinner in March 1890, and enrolled 111 members in its first year. The Association’s funding came primarily from entrance fees, membership subscriptions, and donations.

CCBA was formed in 1883. It is the parent organization of the Chinese Community Center and serves as a representative of the Chinese community in New York. The organization has over 60 member organizations, including the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese American Restaurant Association, and many others. Its member organizations include civic, religious, and cultural organizations. It has offices in 26 cities with a substantial Chinese population. Chinese American organizations are often represented on the CCBA’s board.

The Chinese Association of Iowa is a community-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Chinese American community in Iowa. They support economic, community, and business development in the state. Chinese Association of Iowa has made great strides in representing the Chinese community and working to build a more diverse local community. The Association works with community leaders to create a safe environment for Chinese American citizens, and promote a sense of cultural diversity among the population.

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