Chinese Associations in New York


The Chinese Association is a voluntary organisation that promotes and improves the social, economic and cultural well-being of its members. It serves as a platform for information and education on government programs and benefits, health care resources, crime prevention, voter registration drives and other activities.

The Chinese Associations can be found in most New York City neighborhoods. They provide the social resources and services that Chinese immigrants need.

Purdue University Undergraduate Chinese Association (UCA)

UCA is an organization that provides services to Chinese Purdue students. It spreads Chinese culture and acts as a comfort for them when they are far from home.

The association also links students from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to the world. It is a nonprofit student-run network of near 70 university chapters worldwide. Its platform creates unprecedented opportunities to build long-term relationships that will change the world.

Hotel Chinese Association of USA

Considering the plethora of swanky hotel properties in the New York metropolitan area, it is no surprise that some Chinese residents are lucky enough to call this metropolis home. A few of the city’s apex hotels boast luxury amenities such as fine dining, spas and high-end pool and fitness facilities. One hotel in particular stands out for the sheer number of stars it sheds, and for its affable staff who know their guests by name.

Homecrest Community Services

Homecrest Community Services is a non-profit organization that serves the senior citizens and immigrant families of southern Brooklyn. It has a primary office located at 1413 Avenue T and a satellite center in Bensonhurst.

They provide a number of social services, including health and wellness programs and educational activities. They also help seniors overcome language, cultural, financial, and other barriers to full participation in society.

Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope is a linguistically specific and culturally competent domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking victim service organization. Its flagship program is the aptly named Hope House, an innovative shelter that serves over one hundred women and children. It also has a well-researched program to promote healthy relationships. Moreover, it also has a slew of other programs to keep the Chinese immigrant community safe and happy.

United Asian American Alliance

The United Asian American Alliance is a non-profit organization that serves the community. It aims to raise the community’s living standards and encourages residents to participate in the decision-making process.

The organization was established in 1977 and focuses on social, economic and political issues. It also works to build ties among different communities and supports justice and equality for all.

United Chinese Association of Brooklyn

The United Chinese Association of Brooklyn is a nonprofit organization that serves the Chinese immigrant community in Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Sheepshead Bay. It mobilizes community resources and develops a harmonious and civilized community.

It provides education, advocacy, service and organizing programs to raise the living standards of the community and involve residents in the decision-making processes that affect their lives. It also builds ties with other communities and promotes justice and equality for all.

Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York

The Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York is a non-profit organization that works for equal rights for Chinese Americans. The group was founded in San Francisco and has been around for more than 100 years.

In the largest survey of its kind ever conducted, nearly 6,500 Chinese Americans answered 77 key questions about their lives in research co-sponsored by Columbia University and Committee of 100. The disaggregated data will help policymakers and the public understand Chinese Americans’ experiences and needs.

Flushing Chinese Business Association

Flushing, NY, is a diverse neighborhood with a large Chinese American population. It is also a commercial hub.

The community is well-served by the Flushing Chinese Business Association, a voluntary organization that has made its mark on the city. Its motto is “To make our neighborhood better for all.”

New York Residents Alliance

The New York Residents Alliance, a non-profit organization, glues together hundreds of Chinese hometown associations to help Chinese Americans secure equal opportunities. It also registers votes and promotes the participation of Chinese American voters in democracy.

In East Harlem, where people of Asian descent make up a growing percentage of the neighborhood, a slew of nonprofit organizations are focusing on food aid, senior and youth programs. Among them, Union Settlement caters to the district’s Chinese residents.

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