Chinese Associations in the U.S.


Whether you are an aspiring businessman or student, the Chinese Association will help you find the resources you need to succeed. In addition to helping you develop a better understanding of the Chinese language and culture, the organization also helps you network with Chinese companies.

Wharton China Association

Founded in 2006 by Chinese students at the University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton China Association (WCA) is the largest student-run organization on campus. It hosts educational business events, offers teaching opportunities, and promotes the Chinese culture on campus.

The WCA’s most popular social event is a “dating show” based on the mainland Chinese version of a dating game. Usually involving 400-500 people, the event is not surprisingly a hit. During the event, the group is joined by a motley crew of Chinese-Americans, Koreans, and other international students. It’s a fun way to socialize and learn about the Chinese culture.

The Wharton China Association also has a professional development division. This group promotes business opportunities in China. There is also a nifty-looking arts and entertainment division that brings together students from around the world.

Arcadia Chinese Association

During the Chinese New Year season, the Arcadia Chinese Association (ACA) throws its hats off with a slew of events that are well worth the price of admission. The ACA has its fingers in many pies, including a number of charitable events – the most notable being the annual Halloween candy drive. Some of the more philanthropic events include the annual Firefighter’s Pancake breakfast, the Relay for Life and the like.

The ACA has been around for more than three decades, with newer faces on the block including Joanna Liang, a longtime Arcadia resident and member of the local bar association. The ACA also plays an active role in fostering communication between the residents of various cultures. As such, it is no surprise that the ACA was the recipient of a Best Place to Live award in 2010 and 2012 from the City of Arcadia.

Purdue University Undergraduate Chinese Association

Founded in 2005, the Purdue University Undergraduate Chinese Association (PUUCA) is the largest student organization on campus. Its goals include fostering understanding and multicultural exchange among the Chinese community at Purdue. PUCSSA is non-political and student-run. It is open to all Chinese students and faculty at Purdue, including non-student family members.

PUCSSA volunteers contribute time, money, and facilities to promote Chinese culture and the Chinese community at Purdue. They also work to encourage more Chinese students to become involved in campus life.

PUCSSA volunteers work to prevent isolation and loneliness among Chinese students. They also act as a comforting presence for Chinese students who feel lonely. The association promotes Chinese cultural heritage and Purdue pride, and is an open organization to all Chinese students and faculty at Purdue.

Peoria Chinese Association

Founded in 1965, the Peoria Chinese Association (PCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Chinese culture and education in the Greater Peoria area. It has over 1,200 members, and offers activities for both Chinese families and community members of all ages. In addition to the more traditional Chinese festivals and parades, PCA organizes several clubs for individuals of different ages and interests.

The PCA also boasts an impressive number of member organizations. The Performing Arts Master Classes and Events (PAME) group, for instance, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and training of youth in the performing arts. Other organizations include the Peoria Metro New Car Dealers Association, the Kevin Brown Memorial Tournament of Champions, and the Central Illinois Agency on Aging. The organization’s most notable accomplishment is the creation of a community event: the Performing Arts in Peoria (PAP) festival. The festival is a celebration of arts, culture, and music.

Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group (CCRG)

During the Peoria WorldFest in August, the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group (CCRG) Chinese Association actively participated in several cultural events. They displayed Chinese calligraphy and enjoyed Chinese food. They also participated in the INGINTE Peoria joint event on August 9th.

Among the various activities, the CCRG also hosted a group of Chinese customers. During their visit, the customers were impressed with Caterpillar’s technologies. They also visited Caterpillar’s Demonstration and Learning Center.

The Chinese Resource Group also aims to enhance the diversity and inclusion within Caterpillar. Through a variety of programs, they focus on professional development and personal growth. In addition, the CCRG supports various activities to promote local talent.

The Experienced Professionals Resource Group (EPRG) is a division within Caterpillar that supports the diversity of perspectives, skills, and experiences. Specifically, it focuses on the needs of professionals with outside experience. The group values a broad range of skills and perspectives and supports diversity as a competitive advantage.

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