Chinese Associations in Your Community


Having a Chinese Association in your community can be a great way to make friends and meet people. You can learn about history, how the community has impacted the world, and even learn about some of the ways that Confucianism has influenced the world.


During the nineteenth century, China was a place where eight different culture groups coexisted. They included the tribal groups who founded Anyang in the south, the gentry in the northeast, and the farmers in the north. The latter group would later form the first empire.

In 1889, the China Association was formally formed. The group enrolled 111 members in its first year. This number grew to 400 by 1895.

The Association was formed to promote the welfare of Chinese Americans, and advocate for Chinese American legislation. The organization’s goals were to foster a Chinese American community, protect civil rights, and make economic advancements possible. Its initial meetings were held in the offices of Dr. Andrew Yang in Birmingham, Michigan. The first annual dinner of the China Association was held in March 1890.

The China Association also established the Incorporated School of Practical Chinese, which later merged with the School of Oriental Studies. This was the first of its kind outside of the Far East Department.

Influences of Confucianism

During the past two thousand years, Confucianism has shaped the lives of Chinese people. It has permeated every aspect of Chinese society. It has also been influential in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and many other areas where ethnic Chinese people live.

Confucianism is a philosophy which aims to build moral character and improve the social order of a society. The philosophy emphasizes that people are essentially good. It also emphasizes that moral character affects the world around a person. It encourages people to develop virtues through education.

Confucianism influenced the family education of ancient China. Confucianism stressed that family should be the primary place to educate young children. Confucianism believed that education was the only way to move up in the society.

Confucianism was also influential on parents’ expectations of education. Parents expected their children to become useful people and to become adults as early as possible. They also believed that children should learn specific things to become useful.

Peoria Chinese Association

Founded in 1965, the Peoria Chinese Association is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote Chinese culture in the Peoria and surrounding areas. It is a member-driven organization with a mission to bridge the gap between Chinese culture and the Peoria community. Currently, the organization has more than 1,200 members. The organization has numerous clubs that promote Chinese culture, as well as the interests of Chinese Americans in the Peoria area.

There are numerous clubs that focus on different areas of Chinese culture, from karate to calligraphy to modern dance. The organization has a number of activities for Chinese families. The organization also offers workshops promoting Chinese culture. During the annual Duanwu / Dragon Boat Festival, the organization hosts a number of events to promote Chinese culture. These include a picnic, a dragon boat race, and games involving Zongzi.

The Peoria Chinese Association is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. They are supported by a number of local businesses including Jim Maloof Realtor, CEFCU, and Caterpillar.

Wharton China Association

During the last few years, the Wharton China Association has become the main social extracurricular group for Chinese undergraduates at Penn. It promotes cultural immersion and offers educational business events. They are committed to creating a supportive community for young financial practitioners.

In addition to its social activities, the Wharton China Association also promotes business opportunities in China. In recent years, the organization has expanded its educational programs, including pre-freshman orientation for admitted students from China and India. In addition, the organization has launched a professional development division to promote business opportunities in China.

One of the organization’s major social events is a dating game show, which has gained popularity among Chinese undergraduates. The annual event usually attracts 400-500 students, including most of the Chinese undergraduates at Penn. It is modeled after a popular mainland Chinese dating game show. In addition, the event features panels on Entrepreneurship, Emerging Markets, High Luxury and Multinational Corporations. The event is attended by Penn undergraduates and graduate students, along with a number of Chinese-Americans.

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