Chinese Student Association

The Association provides a platform for unity and cultural exchange. It also offers students opportunities to learn from the community and develop leadership skills.

Contemporary Chinese associations in Zambia act as bridges between migrants, the Chinese embassy, and local society. Economically, they arrange business delegations to China and provide a go-between role for businesses.


Students majoring in chemistry or related disciplines are welcomed to apply online to become Student Members. Professionals who prefer communication from CCS in Chinese can also join as Regular Domestic Members.

Unity is an open platform for CSA members to share their views, explore interests outside their academic or cultural backgrounds and grow as individuals and future professionals. The network of friends formed during planning society gatherings (small and large) will often stay strong throughout a lifetime.

Moreover, as an association, it serves as a bridge to connect Chinese and American communities. For example, the association has helped organize various business mixers and workshops that promote Asian businesses in Southern California. It has also sponsored a series of career fairs for its members to network with employers. A good resume can be a great way to start the career journey. It can help you gain a competitive edge and land your dream job. It can also improve your chances of getting a scholarship.


The Society sponsors a number of activities such as language tables, cultural shows and social gatherings. All these are aimed at promoting Chinese culture within the University community and connecting members to other communities in a more unified way.

For example, the department of Chinese and Japanese offers weekly language table sessions where students can practice their language skills with classmates in a relaxed atmosphere. The society also organizes annual events such as the Chinese and Japanese Culture Day, where professors and students from both languages showcase different aspects of their cultures through song and dance performances.

In addition, the Society has also sponsored many activities that help foster cordial relations between the United States and China. It has worked to ensure that all American citizens are familiar with China’s culture, history and values through publications such as Trade Winds. It has also assisted laid-off electronics and rubber stamp manufacturing workers in getting personal protective equipment at no cost.


As a student society, Chinese associations host many events to promote awareness and understanding of Chinese culture. They also serve as a platform for students to connect with each other and create friendships.

In early 2020, CSA teamed up with CANGO and raised over $8,000 in a fundraiser for frontline healthcare workers and hospitals in areas hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic. This money enabled the group to get much needed personal protective equipment (PPE) in Xinyang City, China.

CANGO works as an intermediary between foreign NGOs and Chinese grassroots NGOs to enhance fundraising, provision of technical support, and capacity building for rural NGOs in China. This work has included helping village authorities and farmer techinician to establish a rural economic development model with biodiversity conservation, supporting the establishment of an integrated artisanal development project, as well as emission trading projects. These projects have been supported by international donors including the Narada Foundation, The One Foundation, and Dunhe Foundation.


Whether it’s an in-person or online hybrid interactive event, NCLC connects educators from across the country to share best practices, advance their knowledge and skills, build community for Chinese language education, and envision the future of this vital field. Sponsoring NCLC demonstrates your support for the community and allows you to increase visibility amongst a targeted audience.

For businesses, organizations and government entities not eligible for AmCham China corporate membership, the CPP offers a unique opportunity to join our elite business community with access to branding, advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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