Chinese Student Association

When Chinese students choose to join a society in college, the decision often impacts their career after graduation. Their growth in a society also fosters important supportive cultural and social environments.

The China Association corresponded with the Foreign Office regarding commercial grievances in China; produced quarterly summaries of domestic and international affairs; and translations of the Chinese press. These materials are arranged by subject.


A CSA membership is a good way to meet people of different backgrounds and cultures. It is also a great way to show that you have strong social and organizational skills. Many people have reported that the friendships they have made through a Chinese Student Association are long-lasting and very supportive.

In 1892 and 1893 invitations were sent to British residents in Hong Kong, China and Japan for the formation of branch associations. These were subsequently amalgamated with the China Association. The China Association also acted as an intermediary between trade and the government, submitting commercial grievances to the Foreign Office on behalf of its members.

In the years immediately following World War II, with Communist advance across China and nationalist blockades of important cities, the Association alerted the British Government to the difficulties faced by its trade. This work was instrumental in ensuring that official action was taken to protect British assets and concerns.


The New York City Chinese Cultural Center will participate in the first Asian Pacific American Heritage Parade, Sunday May 15th. Our Lion Dance team will lead the parade at 11:30AM. NYCCC will also be providing China visa services and Document Authentication.

A filmed emotional exchange between a young woman challenging outdated gender stereotypes and her mother has provoked anger on mainland social media.

CHARLESTON, SC – The Charleston Chinese Association hosted its annual Spring Festival Gala over the weekend, with performances by local performers. Organizers say they wanted to celebrate the community and bring together members like an extended family.

Nebraska lawmakers are seeking answers from the Justice Department over reports that Beijing has established overseas service centers in cities including Omaha, where the Nebraska Chinese Association recently opened a community center with Governor Ricketts. The centers are reportedly used to promote culture and help Chinese citizens living abroad with things like passport applications. The centers have drawn scrutiny from lawmakers, including Sen.


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The George Chin Scholarship honors a hardworking man, who had little in life but achieved a great deal, by putting his mind and determination to work. He was an intelligent entrepreneur, who always looked for ways to improve himself and his family’s lives. His surviving family sponsored this scholarship to remember him and his legacy of success and self-sufficiency.

The Chinese government offers scholarships for New England students to study at a number of universities in China, which are recognized by the Ministry of Education as top-tier institutions. For more information, please visit the China Scholarship Council.

Cultural Activities

CSA offers a variety of cultural activities, such as hosting national events and organizing holiday celebrations. They also assemble academic forums and recruit talents.

A defining aspect of a CSA is its social and management skills development. Friendships built during CSA activities are often long-lasting, and the management abilities developed in planning unity events are very valuable.

As the number of CSAs has increased, so too have the opportunities available for members to participate in cultural activities. This can be seen in the chart below, which visualizes the number of cultural activities per region.

For example, the China Young Artist Project cultivates talented young Chinese artists with high artistic attainments and leadership potential, provides them with opportunities to hold exhibitions abroad, and sends them overseas as cultural volunteers. Similarly, the Oriental Express and 14 national youth activity centers are building a bridge for foreign students to learn about Chinese culture through summer cultural exchanges. Other projects and programs include the China International Cultural Communication Project, Visiting China with Young Culture Messengers, and the China Cultural Service Center.

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