Overseas Chinese Association


Contemporary overseas Chinese associations are increasingly important players in China’s public diplomacy. They include semi-official chambers of commerce that closely work with embassies; civic and self-governing associations grouped by family names or hometowns; and political organisations linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Economic success has raised ambitions among new migrants for accessing the political arena. These ambitions are realised mostly via intermediary Chinese associations.


Founded in 1983, the Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China has become the leading international professional association of modern Chinese studies. It has held biennial meetings in Asia and Europe and sponsored symposia and panels at the American Historical Association and other international conferences.

The society has a rich archive and has produced several books, including a history of the association and its members. It has a membership of about 120 scholars and students worldwide.

Chinese immigrants have a long tradition of saving income and investing in property, which can help them to tide themselves over financial crisis. This helped them to succeed in their new societies and gave them a voice in seeking social justice, protecting civil rights and ensuring economic opportunities. CCBA was one of the first Asian organizations to receive a historic marker in Georgia. This was possible through the funding of a grant proposal by CCBA board member Si-Long Chen to the Porter Fleming Foundation.


Provide leadership in expanding the capacity for high quality and sustainable Chinese language learning and teaching in the United States. Provide a forum for sharing best practices, resources, and expertise.

Serve the needs, promote the interests and foster the well-being of low-income Chinese Americans of all generations, as well as their participation in American society.

— a non-profit organization founded in 1992. Its members are highly accomplished in science and technology, education, business, law, medicine and arts. Its diversified programs aim to unite people with common interests and promote understanding of Chinese culture, history, and traditions.

The Nebraska Chinese Association is a cultural organization that describes itself as one big family working together to bring community and unity to its members. Among its many activities, it hosts dance groups and celebrates Chinese New Year. It also has a yearly scholarship fund for students. It works alongside Discover’s Asian Professionals ERG and holds lunch and learns to educate employees about different cultures.


The Chinese Association continues to play an important role in the community. It organizes social and cultural exchange events, sponsors community service projects and introduces and preserves Chinese culture.

The Association also hosts annual New Year and spring banquets for families and friends. These evening events are critical to the financial health of family associations as many people make their annual donations at these events. In addition, the dinners give members and the general public a chance to come together and celebrate their Chinese heritage.

CCBA also provides support and assistance to individuals applying for citizenship and registration as voters. The Association also helps to establish and sustain family businesses.


Overseas Chinese Association is a growing framework of businesses, bringing members together to network and build business contacts with overseas delegates visiting Southern California. Members will receive invitations to a minimum of 1-3 overseas business delegations per month and support services including government assistance schemes, productivity management programmes, China market penetration and more.

The Chinese Association is proud to partner with Discover to provide opportunities for employees to learn about Asian cultures and celebrate their traditions through lunch and learns, keynote speakers and events such as Lunar New Year. In addition, CMAA has a strong relationship with Discover’s Asian Professionals ERG (Employee Resource Group).

The organization was founded in 1965 by a few families who wanted to connect and learn more about Chinese food, culture, language and holidays. PCA members unite for a common cause of fun, fellowship and personal enrichment, regardless of their background, profession or race.

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