The China Association in the United States


Chinese migrants in foreign societies have long associated with each other. These associations institutionalise and politicise their lives, connecting them with their embassy and the Chinese state apparatus and interweaving their personal and business interests.

Typically, they are also social organisations that bring people together and promote community growth. They often form friendships that last a lifetime and provide support for future plans.

It is a non-profit organization

CCBA focuses on providing education, social service, advocacy, and community organizing. Its programs help raise Chinatown’s living and working standards, build ties with other communities, and support justice and equality for all.

The China Association was established following a growing demand for a representative body to be set up that would be exclusively concerned with Anglo-Chinese affairs. This movement was spurred on by increasing numbers of ‘Old China Hands’, who met regularly to swap stories and exchange information about their experiences in China. The idea for the China Association took root at a dinner for such gentlemen at the Thatched House Club in London on March 4, 1889.

UCA works to improve the lives of thousands of Chinese immigrants through family support, social services, civic engagement, and educational programs. It also promotes immigrant rights and aims to cultivate political awareness among its members. Its recent efforts include voter registration and coalition politics at the local level.

It is a social organization

The China Association is a non-profit social organization promoting friendships and communications among members in their various professional fields. It also promotes greater understanding of Chinese traditional culture in the United States. Its members hold advanced degrees in science and technology, education, business, law, medicine and art.

Its original functions were mercantile: it worked alongside the London Chamber of Commerce, local chambers and the Foreign Office in dealing with commercial grievances with the Chinese government. It also produced quarterly summaries of Chinese domestic and international affairs, and translations of the Chinese press.

Associations have evolved into a critical intermediary between individual Chinese migrants, the Chinese embassy, and host societies. They serve as a forum for political mobilisation, philanthropy and business regulation, and provide a bridge between the Chinese community and local society. They sponsor society gatherings – small for facilitating close interactions between members, and large for bringing them all together to celebrate major national and cultural events.

It is a cultural organization

CSAs serve as a community for Chinese students and provide an open platform to learn about new cultures and interact with other communities. They also promote Chinese culture through cultural show productions and trips abroad. They may even host dinners for local Chinese families. CSA members are proactive and socially active, which is important for college-bound Chinese students who want to succeed in their future careers.

Besides promoting Chinese culture, CSAs also function as a support system for migrants in their adopted countries. For example, in Zambia, the Chinese Association works closely with the government to protect the rights of Chinese migrants and provides emergency assistance. Moreover, it provides a home away from home for its members by building hometown associations based on kinship and geographical relationships.

The Association abides by the Constitution and laws of China, fulfills the core values of socialism, and adheres to the principles of independence and democracy. It also studies and implements Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and promotes the spirit of dedication, innovation, and truth-seeking.

It is a business organization

DCBA’s members have a broad range of professional experience, and the organization aims to foster communication and interaction among Chinese business professionals. In addition, the association sponsors a wide variety of cultural activities and educational forums. It also publishes its own newsletter, Trade Winds. This publication discusses the common problems Chinese professionals face and introduces outstanding Chinese professionals to the community.

The China Association was established in response to growing demand for a body that was exclusively concerned with Anglo-Chinese issues. Its initial members were representatives of the large China Houses and members of parliament and colonial officials who had returned from service in China. The Association lobbied the British government on behalf of its members, often in conjunction with the London Chamber of Commerce and local chambers. Its activities included presenting grievances to the Foreign Office on commercial matters in China.

The CCBA is one of the oldest community organizations in Chinatown, and performs a quasi-governmental role for its community. In addition to promoting entrepreneurship, the CCBA assists new immigrants with citizenship and voting registration.

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