The Chinese Association at the University of Washington

The Chinese Association is an organization that celebrates the Chinese culture and traditions. It is open to all races at the University of Washington, and the purpose of its activities is to promote and educate students on the culture and history of ancient China. Students can become members of the association to learn about ancient Chinese history, fashion, and traditions. The group is also looking for future models of ancient China, both Chinese and non-Chinese.

The China Association first began on 4 March 1889 with a dinner at the Thatched House Club in London. In April of that year, the Association was formally constituted and Sir Alfred Dent became its first chairman. The organization’s first Annual Dinner was held in March of 1890, and enrolled 111 members in its first year. Membership fees and donations funded the group’s activities. By the end of the year, China Association membership was around 400 strong.

The CCBA supports and promotes business ownership among Chinese residents in Chinatown. It also provides naturalization services and supports the development of small businesses in the neighborhood. The organization has established links with Chinese American organizations across the United States and Canada. CCBA also supports integration of the Chinese community into mainstream American society. This is why it has a presence in Chinatown, New York. So, if you’re looking for a business to start in Chinatown, this is the right organization for you.

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