The Chinese Association for International Understanding


The Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAIU) is an organization based in Beijing, registered under the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It works to foster understanding and cooperation between nations and is actively involved in various international forums. It also offers various educational programs for students, scholars, and professionals. It also sponsors conferences and other events for people from different cultures and countries. To learn more, visit its website. It can be accessed from English or Chinese.

The association’s archives are kept at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. Among its publications are a book written by R. Birdman entitled “Britain and the People’s Republic of China: The Chinese Association for International Understanding”. There is also a book by George Jamieson entitled “The China League and the Chinese Association for International Understanding” that can be found online.

The China Association was founded in 1889 and was formally constituted on 11 April 1889. Its first chairman was Sir Alfred Dent. It held its first annual dinner in March 1890 and enrolled 111 members. It was funded by entrance fees, membership subscriptions, and donations. Although the China Association did not have a direct impact on the growth of Chinese-speaking immigrants in Britain, it is an important part of British business in China.

The CBA also supported the development of educational and health services in the Chinese community. A hospital and Chinese public school were established in the building in 1917. The CBA building has considerable heritage value. It represents the first expression of the distinctive Chinatown style. Its proportions are accentuated by inscribed parapets. Its meeting hall is located on the top floor.

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