The Chinese Association of Iowa


The Chinese Association of Iowa is a community-based, nonprofit organization that works to enhance and promote Chinese American culture and heritage in the state of Iowa. The association also works to foster economic and community development for the Chinese community. By providing a variety of cultural and social programs and events, the Association aims to provide an active platform for Chinese American students and the surrounding community.

The China Association was first proposed at a dinner held on 4 March 1889 at the Thatched House Club in London. The China Association was formally constituted on 11 April 1889, with Sir Alfred Dent as its first chairman. Its first Annual Dinner took place on March 1890, and by the end of its first year, the Association had enrolled 111 members. Funding for the organization was provided through donations, entrance fees, and membership subscriptions.

The Chinese Association in Davis has been active in the city for over 50 years. It is a non-profit social organization that welcomes new residents and provides services and programs that help them integrate into the local community. This organization also supports local Chinese businesses, and has a strong history of advocating for the Chinese community in the area.

The CCBA also works with mainstream organizations to provide community services to the Chinese community. For example, the Visiting Nurse Service of New York and the American Cancer Society have partnered with the CCBA to coordinate health and social programs in Chinatown. The organization also works with local businesses and has developed contacts with Chinese American organizations in other parts of North America.

In Peoria, the Peoria Chinese Association organized an event to highlight Chinese culture. The community participated in the event in a big way, with volunteer performances, a Chinese opera, and even a traditional Zither performance. The association’s booth displayed Chinese calligraphy, which drew hundreds of visitors. Its goal is to bring Chinese culture to the community and to foster friendship and understanding among its members.

The association is run by a president and secretary-general elected by the association’s annual congress. A new governing council is elected every two years. Each year, a new president is elected to the governing council. The secretary-general is nominated by the president with the consent of the GC. Currently, the association is headed by Prof. Hsin-Chih Chen, who is also a professor at the National Cheng Kung University.

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