The Chinese Association of Iowa


The Chinese Association is a non-profit social and community organization in the State of Iowa. Its mission is to promote cultural diversity and enrichment in the community, as well as to foster Chinese American community integration.

Chinese voluntary associations (shetuan) play a vital role in the Overseas Chinese society. However, their role in global movements and inter-regional relationships has been largely neglected in the literature.


The CHINESE ASSOCIATION is the first of its kind in Hong Kong. Its mission is to promote China business related professionals and enterprises in their communications and interaction with related organizations, government bodies or associations from Mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) and foreign countries; and also to encourage studies and researches on issues and topics relating to China business.

The association’s most noteworthy achievements include the SVCTBA, which has become one of the Silicon Valley’s premier innovation and technology exchange platforms. It is a non-profit, membership based organization that is driven by a volunteer Board of Directors representing private sector business, government and educational institutions in each of the Association’s active branches. CCCLA is also a leading force in the Southern California Chinese and Asian American community by supporting local businesses on key legislative and regulatory issues. From our annual Lunar New Year ceremony to our high energy business mixers, we are here to help you grow your business in the best way possible.


Education is an essential part of the CHINESE ASSOCIATION’s activities, as it helps to shape a person’s mind and body. The process of education is rooted in Chinese culture and philosophy, which emphasizes that it is not just learning skills but also reforming one’s attitude.

The Chinese School Association of the United States, or CSAUS, is a national non-profit organization dedicated to Chinese language and culture education in the U.S. It fosters a national network for exchanging information, ideas and curricular resources related to the teaching of Chinese.

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association of New England, or CCBA, is an umbrella organization that brings together 35 local family associations and community organizations. It also sponsors numerous events, including the lion dance celebration for Lunar New Year and the annual August Moon Festival. CCBA also manages Tai Tung Village and Waterford Place, apartment complexes that provide much-needed affordable housing to the Chinatown community. It is a major source of cultural and social activities for Chinatown and the surrounding areas.


China is one of the oldest cultures in the world and has a rich history of art and culture. Its people are very diverse, and the culture has adapted to accommodate the different regions of the country.

Chinese culture is characterized by its emphasis on unity and social relationships. This is a result of the country’s societal structure which is based on adherence to laws, loyalty to family and workplace, and a sense of responsibility for maintaining a healthy and prosperous society.

The Chinese culture also emphasizes the value of ‘face’, which is considered to be the most important quality of an individual. It represents a person’s reputation, influence and dignity. It is also a factor in how individuals interact with each other. Therefore, communication in Chinese culture is often very cautious and deliberate, with an acute regard to the other person’s feelings.


The CHINESE ASSOCIATION plays a vital role in local political activities. Whenever general or midterm elections are held, local candidates will visit the Chinese community to advertise and canvass for support.

Besides this, the CHINESE ASSOCIATION also helps in organizing social and charity activities to help its members. Such activities are a great way to promote friendship and cultural understanding.

It was during World War II that the Chinese community of Buffalo gathered together to participate in various fund-raising drives, parades and other war-related efforts. During this time, they also formed a Chinese Benevolent Association to serve the community and to raise funds for local charities.

During the Japanese invasion of China, the CHINESE ASSOCIATION worked with the Chinese merchants to organize fund-raising drives and other related activities. These activities helped to provide relief for the Chinese community and improve their living conditions. In addition, the CHINESE ASSOCIATION played a crucial role in representing the Chinese community in crucial constitutional talks.

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