The Chinese Association of New York


The Chinese Association is a student organization that advocates the benefits of Chinese culture and technology. It organizes international scientific and technological exchange programs, establishes cooperative relations with scientific and technological organizations around the world, and supports social welfare institutions. In addition to these goals, the association also develops programs for continuing education and professional training. Members can also take part in its events, which aim to promote cultural exchange and understanding. There are seven member companies, each with their own board of directors.

The CCBA was founded in 1883 and is one of the oldest organizations in Manhattan’s Chinatown. It was modeled after the clan associations in China, and had an important role in governing the community. While it has been challenged by new groups of Chinese immigrants, the CCBA remains an important part of the Chinese community in New York. The organization organizes regular meetings and holds discussions about a variety of issues, such as improved crosswalks for seniors.

The China Association has a long history of fostering British cultural and business relations. In the early years, it lobbied the British Government and Chinese authorities on behalf of British business. Its activities were often carried out in conjunction with the London Chamber of Commerce and the local Chambers of Commerce. In the 19th century, the China Association’s membership increased to 400 members. It was seen as a representative of British commercial interests in China, and it was instrumental in the formation of the Incorporated School of Practical Chinese and its merger with the School of Oriental Studies.

Today, the CAST has become the largest non-government organization of scientific and technological professionals in China. It has a wide range of activities to promote and advance the science and technology community in China. It is also a bridge between the Chinese government and the science community. As a constituent of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, CAST actively participates in state affairs and parliamentary democracy.

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