The Chinese Benevolent Association in Victoria, BC


The Chinese Benevolent Association (CCBA) in Victoria is a local organization that has historically been involved in the community. Founded in 1892, the organization has been in operation in the city for over a century. The CCBA was originally led by a group of wealthy merchants, but as the Chinese population grew in Victoria and government policies relaxed, the CCBA’s leadership became more democratic. At the same time, new political organizations were formed and vied for residents’ loyalty. Small business owners joined the CCBA leadership, but had far less money to donate. In 1965, the CCBA moved from its original building to the Palace of the Saints.

The purpose of the RCA is to promote the culture and heritage of the Chinese people. It provides educational and charitable services to members of the Redwood Empire community. The organization strives to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Chinese people and foster understanding among diverse cultures. Whether you’re studying business, art, history, or politics, the RCA is a great place to start. Besides helping students, the organization also organizes a variety of social events and social activities.

As time went on, the CCBA’s mandate was redefined. It no longer had to protect Chinese members from legal discrimination, but it continued to maintain a Chinese Public School, cemetery, and hospital. It also lobbied against discriminatory legislation and other restrictions on their lives. It helped Chinese immigrants integrate into the Canadian community by raising funds for charities and offering legal aid. The association has been active for over a century.

After the annexation, the association was formally constituted. The first General Meeting took place on 11 April 1889. Sir Alfred Dent, a British merchant, was elected as its first chairman. The first Annual Dinner was held in March 1890, and the China Association had 111 members. Membership was paid through donations and entrance fees. The China Association continued to advocate for British interests in China and in the UK.

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) is one of the oldest community organizations in Chinatown. Founded in 1883, the CCBA has been active in New York City since. Traditionally, it has played a quasi-governmental role within the Chinese community. In addition to business support in Chinatown, the CCBA is also involved in naturalization and other immigration services. They also work with the Chinese Voters Federation to help new immigrants get citizenship.

After the CCBA formed, it began to work with mainstream organizations to provide services to the Chinese community. It signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the American Red Cross in 2006 and will coordinate programs for the Chinese community in New York’s Chinatown. The CCBA is active in the community, and maintains contact with other Chinese American organizations throughout the US. It also works with local businesses to help Chinese Americans integrate into the mainstream of American society.

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association is the first organization of its kind in Canada. In Victoria, in 1884, 31 local groups consolidated under the umbrella of the CCBA. The group was established to protect the rights and interests of Chinese immigrants. CCBA members include business and trade organizations, civic and religious groups, fellow-province organizations, family organizations, and many more. With its mission to represent the Chinese community in Iowa, the Chinese Association has made enormous strides in representing its membership and advancing the culture of this community.

The Chinese Association for the Advancement of Science, formerly known as the Science Society of China, held its twenty-fifth annual meeting in Shanghai in April 2017. The event was organized by H. C. Zen, who presided over the meeting. During the meeting, speakers such as Dr. W. H. Wong discussed the secret nature of scientific research. Dr. K. C. Chu stressed the importance of using scientific knowledge for peace. The evening was filled with discussion and discourses about the advancement of scientific education in China.

In 1885, the Chinese Association in Iowa moved the Chinese Hospital to a new location, and began a committee to build a five-story apartment building. This building is now known as the Chung Wah Mansion. CCBA also plans to build a museum in the future. All rights reserved. It is a great place to explore Chinese history. But the Chinese community has a long history in Iowa.

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