The Chinese Community in Flushing, Washington

Chinese community

The Chinese community is one of the largest in Washington state. Its members are also among the most active in local politics.

Despite discrimination from the white population, Asians in America built communities that provided a place to meet their needs and aspirations. Whether they were fighting to establish rights or defending their own culture, these immigrants created a place to belong.

CCCF Social Services for New Americans Program

The CCCF Social Services for New Americans Program offers a wide range of social and supportive services to Chinese community members who may be facing challenges. These services are available in multiple languages and include assistance with food stamps, health insurance, housing, financial aid, legal issues, and more.

Founded in 1972 by a group of young college students in a small donated space in Chinatown, the Center for Immigrant and Social Services (CISC) has grown into a leading provider of linguistically and culturally appropriate social services to the Asian community. The organization is also home to a number of innovative programs and initiatives including the CCCF Social Services for New Americans Program.

The Center for New Americans is a partnership of community-based organizations that works to help refugees, asylees and victims of trafficking find their footing in the U.S. The organization uses a comprehensive approach to support these individuals by helping them navigate the immigration process and find a suitable home in their new country.

CCCF Cultural Events

CCF Cultural Events provide educational, cultural and social learning opportunities to the local Chinese community in Flushing. These programs serve the needs of children and elderly members of the community, as well as their families.

For example, CCF s Cross Cultural Conversations (CCC) provide space for students to share their experiences with other international students and explore the many intersecting facets of their identities. During the discussions, students often address topics such as interracial relationships, imposter syndrome and homesickness.

Another CCCF event is our Museum and Galleries Mini Fair on Wednesday 13th March. This will be a chance to meet professionals from some of Edinburgh’s most prestigious museums and galleries and get an idea of what they do.

This article was written by Lila Pitcher, History of Art and English Literature student and Eva Stanistreet, Animation student and CCCF Student Ambassadors for #CCCF19. For more information, please visit our website. Thanks! The CCCF team wishes you all the best!

CCCF Education Programs

CCCF Education Programs is dedicated to ensuring that all children have access to quality educational opportunities. CCCF has been involved in the Child Care Initiatives Fund since 1988, and has partnered with many of Canada’s provinces to help them develop detailed Action Plans that are focused on achieving QUAD principles (quality, universality, accessibility and developmental programming) for their early learning sector.

CCF has also been a leader in promoting child protection through a variety of community engagement and service projects. This includes participating on boards and committees for nonprofit partners, grant-making, scholarship awards, investment, financial oversight and development.

CCCF Community Outreach

The CCCF Community Outreach Program strives to provide educational, recreational, cultural, and health programs for Chinese youths and adults. This helps the community develop and sustain social, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Through a series of events, CCCF strives to impart Chinese heritage and traditions to the next generation. In addition, CCCF helps low-income immigrant Chinese families and isolated Chinese seniors.

A group of CCCF members were instrumental in helping a local family with the funeral of a young restaurant worker. Through this experience, they realized that they could use their Christian faith to serve the Chinese community in Central Ohio.

The CCCF Community Outreach Program works with a wide range of nonprofits in Chaffee County, from youth organizations to social service agencies. Using the power of philanthropy, CCCF helps communities and organizations become resilient. Through donor advised funds, permanent endowments, and other donor-centric strategies, CCCF builds a strong philanthropic infrastructure for all of our community.

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