Why Kids Should Get Involved in Community Services

community services

Community services are the organizations that provide support to families, individuals and groups of people in need. They are often found in government agencies, schools, shelters, and substance abuse centers.

Community service has many benefits for both the person serving and those receiving the service. It provides a well-rounded perspective and can help build character.

It Instills Values

When kids engage in community services, they learn the value of giving back to the society. This helps instill values in them such as empathy, compassion and selflessness. Whether they are cleaning up a park or assisting a pet, they learn that it is important to help people and animals in need.

Moreover, the values they learn through charity work will influence their behavior as adults. They will try to live by these values in their daily lives and strive towards making a better world.

Children may also be motivated to participate in community service to meet school or scouting requirements or to build their resume for college applications. However, it is important to let them know that they need to make community service a priority so that other activities may be sacrificed for this cause. This teaches them to prioritize and be responsible for their actions. Also, it teaches them the importance of being part of a team.

It Fills Gaps in Social Services

A growing body of research shows that social factors can affect health as much as, or more than, clinical ones. As a result, many healthcare entities are looking to community development approaches to fill the gap in care.

For example, a municipality that doesn’t have a dedicated social worker can set up a point person to refer residents to area resources, acting as a “super connector” between departments and organizations that do provide services. These individuals may be housed within a specific department or in the manager’s office, or may be a shared position.

Another way to support effective partnerships is through community-based data collection and sharing. This involves identifying gaps and prioritizing needs, such as access to childcare, transportation and crisis intervention. It also involves assessing capacity and creating plans to address those gaps. The goal is to empower communities to address their own needs with the help of local partners. By doing so, a sense of ownership and hope is created.

It Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

Whether you’re cleaning up a park, helping out in an animal shelter or feeding the homeless, community service gives people a sense of accomplishment that keeps them feeling good. It also teaches them that their efforts are making an impact on the world, even if they can’t see it right away.

Many community service projects involve working with children, seniors or the disabled. This teaches participants to see the world through the eyes of those less fortunate than themselves and makes them more empathetic. It also exposes them to the different cultures of the world and helps them reevaluate their prejudices, which leads to more well-rounded citizens.

Community service also introduces participants to new friends and family members through activities they perform together. It can be especially beneficial for young adults who are looking to make connections within their communities outside of school, sports teams and church groups. Those relationships often last long after the volunteer project has ended.

It Helps You Build Relationships

Whether it’s cleaning up a park, helping a stray animal or tutoring children, community service is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. It helps you see the world from another perspective and can often help you break down stereotypes.

By including a wide variety of community residents from the beginning of a project, you can shape services to be more culturally acceptable and closer to specific needs. This approach also creates trust, openness and greater acceptance of those utilizing the services.

The most important benefit of community service is that it gives people a sense of connection to others. It helps to bind citizens to the common social compact, regardless of class, religion, ethnicity or sex. This helps build a stronger, more resilient community. It’s also a great opportunity to make friends, learn new skills and boost your resume.

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