Chinese American Association of Iowa


The purpose of the Chinese American Association of Iowa is to promote awareness and education of the Chinese community in Iowa. They promote the interests of the Chinese community by providing resources and organizing social, cultural, and economic functions. They also represent the Chinese population in common causes in the state of Iowa. The association also celebrates the cultural differences within the Chinese community. Interested in learning more about the association and becoming a member? Get in touch with them today!

The China Association was founded in 1889. Its first dinner took place on 4 March 1889 at the Thatched House Club in London. The Association was formally formed on 11 April 1889. The first Chairman was Sir Alfred Dent. In March 1890, the Association held its first Annual Dinner and had 111 members at that time. It was funded by entrance fees, membership subscriptions, and donations. The China Association was a precursor to today’s Chinese Consulate General.

In addition to serving the community’s needs, the CCBA also works with mainstream organizations. For example, in 2006, the CCBA and the American Red Cross of Greater New York signed an agreement to coordinate programs for the Chinese community in Chinatown. Other ways that the Chinese Association fulfills its functions is through partnerships with businesses in the neighborhood. It also maintains contacts with other Chinese American organizations throughout North America. In addition to serving the Chinese community, the CCBA works to make New York a better place for everyone.

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