Chinese American Organizations in the United States


The China Association is a British merchants association that represented companies trading in China, Hong Kong and Japan. They were formed in the 19th century and were instrumental in creating a number of agreements between Britain and China. Its members represented the interests of many different British companies.

Peoria Chinese Association

Founded in 1965, the Peoria Chinese Association is a member-focused organization with a wide array of clubs and activities. The organization’s main mission is to promote Chinese culture and education while also bridging the gap between the country and the city.

In addition to the traditional club activities, the group has recently started holding events like the Duanwu/Dragon Boat Festival. This event, held in honor of a famous Chinese poet, is a time-honored tradition. It features art and craft, a variety of entertainment, and a barbecue for the hungry masses.

The Peoria Chinese Association boasts a robust membership from all walks of life. These include professionals, families, and retirees. To date, the organization has raised over $11,000 in the name of Chinese culture. As of this writing, it has more than 1,200 members.

Arcadia Chinese Association

The Arcadia Chinese Association is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting the Arcadia community for over 30 years. This 501c3 organization offers a wide range of services and events to its constituents. From firefighter pancake breakfasts to wood splitting Tae Kwon Do demonstrations, the ACA has a lot to offer the local Chinese population.

On a more positive note, the Arcadia Chinese Association is the home of the largest and most impressive Chinese New Year celebrations in the area. They are also a major sponsor of the City of Arcadia’s annual Halloween Candy Drive.

In addition to their support of the Arcadia community, the CCBA has a mission to enhance the general welfare of the Chinese community in Arizona. This includes helping local residents find jobs and resolve disputes with other members of the Chinese community.

Chinatown Chinese Association

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association (CCBA) has been serving the Chinese American community in New York City since 1883. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As an umbrella organization, CCBA includes professional, religious, family and cultural organizations. Historically, CCBA has performed a quasi-governmental role within the Chinese community.

CCBA has been working to address ongoing problems in Chinatown. One example of its work is its work to solve parking issues and sanitation regulations. Another example is its efforts to improve relationships with city agencies.

CCBA works with local businesses and mainstream organizations to provide services to the Chinese American community. Some of the services provided by CCBA include job placement, business development programs, and ESL courses. In addition, CCBA maintains a day care center and Chinese school. Moreover, CCBA manages Tai Tung Village, a low-cost housing complex.

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)

Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) is a non-profit organization that promotes science and technology in China and internationally. Its purpose is to encourage scientific literacy, foster a culture of innovation, and protect the legitimate rights of science and technology workers. CAST has established a strong connection with the science and technology communities in the United States, and its members are active in the community.

CAST has 43 member societies. These include a number of foreign S&T organizations and professionals. Many of its members hold advanced degrees. Among its activities are research, training, and continuing education.

CAST’s mission is to help China achieve self-sufficiency in science and technology. The group provides talent for the nation to make this happen. It is also responsible for organizing the scientific and technological community. Currently, CAST is a national member of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and ICSU. In addition, it has a consultative status with the UN.

China Association of Political Science

The Chinese Association of Political Science (CAPS) is a well-established academic community in China. It has more than a thousand members. It is one of the most influential academic organizations in the country. CAPS serves the academic community by organizing conferences and academic exchanges.

It is under the supervision of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. In addition to the scientific research conducted by the association, CAPS also provides high-level advice to the government on political science.

In addition to academic exchanges, CAPS organizes academic conferences and other activities that address the challenges facing the profession. It publishes the Chinese Journal of International Politics. Additionally, the Association provides leadership opportunities to the membership.

The association’s mission is to promote the study of China and Taiwan area. To strengthen the Chinese-American academic exchange, the association also provides assistance to its Chinese-American political scientists in their professional development.

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