The China Association


The China Association was founded in London in 1889. The Association lobbied the British government and the Chinese authorities for British interests in China. It often worked in conjunction with the local Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of British Industries. By 1895, it had 400 members. Its aim was to promote and support British commercial interests in China.

The association’s archives are located at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. The Association’s archives are the subject of the book, Britain and the People’s Republic of China: The Chinese Experience, 1949-1974, by R. Birdman. It was also mentioned in a newspaper article in the Deseret News.

The CBA is the oldest service organization in Chinatown. It is the parent organization of the Chinese Community Center. Its mission is to support the Chinese community in Portland and the surrounding area. The CBA has historically served a quasi-governmental role in the community and has actively promoted business ownership in Chinatown.

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