The Chinese American Society (CAPS)


In 1883, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association was founded to serve Chinese-Americans living in New York City. Its mission is to foster cultural awareness, promote understanding, and encourage multicultural exchange among Chinese Americans. The organization also promotes education and creates a supportive environment for Chinese students in the area.

The China Association became a registered charity in 1891. The charity was founded by a group of British citizens who had Chinese roots. The group lobbied both the British Government and Chinese authorities to improve relations between the two countries. It often acted together with other organizations, such as the London Chamber of Commerce, local Chambers of commerce, and the Federation of British Industries. Despite its relatively modest start, the association has managed to attract members from around the world.

The Chinese Association of Iowa also provides donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to front-line workers and under-resourced communities. By investing in the community, the group promotes equity, community, and friendship among members. Its members have also taken part in several community events, such as the Ignite Peoria Event in 2016. The Peoria Chinese Association and the Caterpillar Chinese Resource Group have been active in promoting the Chinese culture in the area.

The Oregon Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, an organization that provides assistance to the Chinese community in Oregon, is a nonprofit organization that serves all Chinese people living in the greater Oregon area. The organization aims to support the Chinese community by facilitating programs that promote community ties. In addition, it aims to support core values by educating and supporting Chinese community members.

CAPS was founded in 1932 in Nanking. Its first president, Wu-hung Heng, advised the ROC government on foreign policy. The association’s fourth annual congress was held in Taiwan in 1953, and Dr. Shi-jei Wang was elected as the organization’s fourth president. Since then, the organization has published the Chinese Political Science Review, which provides an exclusive forum for local and international political scientists.

The CBA was involved in fund-raising for causes in China and the Chinese community in Vancouver. The association also lobbied the government on numerous social and political issues. It successfully lobbied the government to loosen the immigration act in 1956. Its impartiality earned it the respect of the Chinatown community and helped resolve conflicts between different organizations.

As is the case with any nation, Chinese culture has many facets. Chinese values are rooted in Confucianism and Taoism. The modern age has also brought in Western influences. Many philosophers in the West have attempted to integrate Western thinking into Chinese culture. Confucius, for example, blended both Western and Chinese concepts. This resulted in a political and social system that allowed China to come back together after its dynastic collapse.

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