The Chinese Association of Iowa and the Chinese American Association of Brooklyn


The China Association, founded in 1892, represents the British commercial interests in China. It has lobbied both the British Government and the Chinese authorities. Frequently, it works with the local Chambers and the Federation of British Industries. Here, we look at some of the Association’s achievements over the years. What is its main contribution to British trade with China? What is its history? How did it start? Let’s take a closer look.

The Chinese Association of Iowa is a community-based, nonprofit student organization with a diverse membership. Its mission is to promote Chinese cultural heritage and understanding, and to foster community development. By providing a social platform, the Chinese Association of Iowa has made huge strides in representing the Chinese community on campus. It also hopes to promote multicultural exchange and create opportunities for local Chinese students. To do this, the Chinese Association strives to make the local community a more welcoming, diverse, and successful place to live.

The CCBA manages several properties in Chinatown. Currently, CCBA is responsible for the development of Waterford Place and Tai Tung Village. They also coordinate Chinatown’s August Moon Festival and Lunar New Year celebrations. They also welcome dignitaries. Originally, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association was founded in New York City in 1883. However, new information shows that it was already in existence as early as 1892.

The CCBA spearheaded a movement in Chinatown that resulted in a Chinese Voters Federation in May 2004. Through this initiative, the Chinese community increased their participation in the 2004 Presidential election by 24.2%. The CCBA also actively supported the formation of the Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corporation, the Asian Job Service Employer Committee, and the Greater New York Chinese Community Dollars for Scholars program. These initiatives, and many others, were a direct result of the Chinese community’s advocacy.

In Brooklyn, the Chinese Association of Iowa serves as an intermediary between the Chinese and American communities. Through its community services, it provides support and education for the Chinese community in the areas of economics, social justice, and education. Through their work, the Chinese American Association is a powerful voice and influence in Brooklyn, where it represents Chinese-American interests in the public realm. It works with the Chinese community and other community members to improve the quality of life in the Brooklyn area.

The Chinese Association for the Advancement of Science (CAPS), which formerly was called the Science Society of China, held its twenty-fifth annual meeting in Shanghai in January 2017. President H. C. Zen presided over the meeting and keynote speakers included Dr. W. H. Wong on the issue of scientific secrecy. Dr. K. C. Chu, another founding member of CAPS, stressed the need to apply scientific knowledge to promote peace. The Chinese Association for the Advancement of Science has also conducted discourses on the improvement of scientific education in China.

In the 1850s, Chinese district associations in California were organized. Chinese businessmen from Guangdong founded the Kong Chow Association, which means Pearl River Delta. This group later split into two. After that, four more organizations formed in San Francisco’s most prominent neighborhoods. These groups were composed of the six most important Chinese district associations in the California. The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association was established in 1882. This organization was also known as the Chinese Six Companies.

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