The Chinese Association of Nebraska

The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association is the oldest service organization in Chinatown. This nonprofit organization has been serving the Chinese community in New York City since 1883. The CCBA has traditionally played a quasi-governmental role in the Chinese community, supporting both local businesses and their owners.

In the early years, the China Association lobbied the British Government and the Chinese authorities on behalf of British firms operating in China. The Association often worked in conjunction with the local Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of British Industries. The first Annual Dinner of the Association was held in March 1890. It was funded by donations, entrance fees, and membership subscriptions.

The Chinese Association is a non-profit organization with the mission of fostering cultural diversity and enhancing the quality of life for local residents. The organization also works with local Asian Employee Networks (AEN) and Chinese Student Associations at local universities. It serves over 2000 Chinese American residents in the greater Omaha area. In addition, the NCA also operates a Chinese Language School, with more than 100 students ranging in age from six to eighteen years old. The NCA is also committed to maintaining and promoting social contact and cultural functions of the Chinese community in Nebraska.

For more information, visit the Chinese Historical Society of America website. The website contains a directory of events, educational programs, and other resources. The Chinese Association also maintains a website. You can contact them directly by filling out an online form. A volunteer will contact you with more information on events in the area. You can also join the association’s mailing list. By joining, you can receive a free membership to their newsletter.

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