Types of Chinese Associations


When it comes to Chinese Associations, there are many different types. There are the benevolent associations and the science and technology organizations. Each has its own unique purposes, but a common goal is to improve the lives of those who are involved in the Chinese community.

Peoria Chinese Association

The Peoria Chinese Association is a non-profit organization that helps promote Chinese culture in the Greater Peoria area. It also tries to bridge the gap between the Chinese community and the rest of the world.

There are various clubs and activities in the organization that are designed to meet the needs of different members. They also provide opportunities for Chinese families to share their culture.

The Peoria Chinese Association holds an annual summer picnic at Detweiller Park to celebrate the Duan Wu / Dragon Boat Festival. This festival is a Chinese tradition that honors the patriotic Chinese poet, Qu Yuan.

The association was founded in 1965 by a group of Chinese professionals in Peoria. Since then, the organization has become a strong force in the community. Members come from all walks of life.

China Association for Science and Technology

China Association for Science and Technology (CAS) is the largest non-governmental organization of scientific and technological professionals in China. The main goal of the organization is to promote science and technology in China. It works as a bridge between the government and the science community.

CAS has hundreds of local branches and thousands of members nationwide. Moreover, the organization has joined 372 international scientific organizations. Most of its income comes from central government investments. However, the rest is earned through competitive funding.

Besides, the association is also involved in the promotion of science literacy among youth. As a result, it has published popular science journals and has a strong record of conducting lecture series.

Arcadia Chinese Association

Arcadia Chinese Association (ACA) has been supporting the Arcadia community for over 30 years. They have done this by organizing a plethora of events and educational programs. Among their most notable offerings is a wood-splitting Tae Kwon Do demonstration.

Other ACA events include the annual Spring Festival, the annual Chinese Moon Festival, a Halloween Candy Drive, a Mother’s Day Tea Party, and a Relay for Life. All are aimed at celebrating and promoting Chinese culture.

Besides the usual suspects, ACA has been involved with more innovative projects, such as helping Chinese students learn to write in English, and sponsoring an exhibit at the Gilb Museum of Arcadia Heritage. ACA is also credited with helping to promote the City of Arcadia’s City Employee Appreciation Program by presenting gift bags to 413 City employees.

New York Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association is a community organization that serves the interests of the Chinese American people in the New York area. It offers social, educational and cultural services to Chinese in the United States.

The organization provides vocational training and job placement programs. These help Chinese immigrants succeed in a new environment. In addition, CCBA offers English classes and youth programs.

Founded in 1883, CCBA is an umbrella organization that represents 60 members. It includes religious, professional and trade organizations. Despite its age, CCBA continues to serve the needs of the Chinese in the New York area.

Among the most important services offered by CCBA are its role in addressing discrimination and civil rights issues. The organization works with different City departments to address these concerns.

Purdue University Undergraduate Chinese Association

The Purdue University Undergraduate Chinese Association (PUUCA) is a student organization that promotes cultural awareness and Chinese language and culture. As part of its mission, PUUCA organizes various events such as a student day, networking opportunities, and a large tea ceremony.

PUUCA was also one of the first American universities to begin developing partnerships with Shanghai Jiaotong University. Its membership is open to all Chinese students at Purdue.

Although the Confucius Institute was officially closed by the Chinese government last September, many American institutions had already transferred their Confucius Institute programs in-house. Several universities announced plans to develop their own replacement programs. Others maintained partnerships with Chinese universities.

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